Alison Gerhard & Joshua Ruebel

How We Met

Josh and Ali met while walking on the side walk on Dubuque Street in Iowa City on April 23, 2010. Josh recalled seeing Ali the year prior in Hillcrest (a dorm on the University of Iowa campus). The two were walking home from class when Josh decided to say 'hello'. 

Josh did not just say 'hello,' however. He had to think of a clever way to start a conversation out of the blue. The first interaction between the two love-birds went something like this: "Hey! This may sound really creepy, but I see you everywhere!" .... good one Josh

The two had a brief discussion about where they were from. Alison is from Grundy Center, and Josh has almost a decade worth of experience working in Grundy County. 

The two only had a couple of minutes to interact before Josh arrived at his house. After an awkward end to their conversation ("Oh, by the way, my name is Josh"... "Oh ya! I'm Ali!"), they two separated. Josh knew he had to see her again. 

He found a mutual friend of theirs, Ellie, whom Ali graduated high school with. By the end of that night, the two setup an ice cream date a couple of days later, and the rest is history. 

Alison Gerhard

Alison (Ali) is 23 years old and is the daughter of Cindy and Steve Gerhard. She is originally from Grundy Center, Iowa. She has two older sisters, Aubrey and Holly. 

Alison is a graduate of the University of Iowa. She currently is in her second year of teaching at Eagle Grove Elementary. 

Joshua Ruebel

Joshua (Josh) is 25 years old and is son of Rick and Bonnie Ruebel. He is originally from Waverly, Iowa. He has two sisters, Staci and Megan. 

Josh is a Graduate of the University of Iowa. He current works for

Their Relationship

Josh and Ali have been together for over 3 years. They started dating in college, and were nearly inseparable from the start. Today, the couple live 2-and-a-half hours away from each other because of work. They visit one-another every weekend. The two have dealt with several challenges during their 3-year relationship, but have gotten through everything together.

The two are also very active. They love to exercise, play tennis, throw a frisbee around, and go for runs. They are both active in bible studies, love going to Okoboji, and LOVE the Iowa Hawkeyes.