Alison Gerhard & Joshua Ruebel

Aubrey Hess - Maid of Honor

Aubrey is one of Alison's older sisters. They have been very close all of their lives. Aubrey is Married to her husband, Doug. They love their dog, Ollie. 

Dan Hanawalt - Best Man

Dan and Josh have been best friends since middle school. The two have been together in sports teams, musical groups, and countless shinanigans. Dan recently got married to his high school sweetheart, Julie. 

Bridget Hayes

Bridget and Ali have been friends for several years and grew up together in Grundy Center. Bridget recently got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Tony.

Ben Schreen

Ben and Josh have been friends since elementary school. They were in boy scouts together, sports together, and were in a singing group together. Ben currently acts and models in California

Kelsey Reinking

Kelsey and Ali have been friends for several years. They graduated from Grundy Center High School together. Kelsey recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Dusty

Joe Kneip

Joe and Josh have been through a lot together. They graduated together, worked together, lived together, and had good times together. Joe currently lives in Texas with his wife, Sherry.

STaci Bruns

Staci is Josh's older sister. She is married to Wes and teaches at Shell Rock Elementary School. She has 3 children, Eva, Dominic, and Norah. 

Justin Olson

Justin is Josh's current roommate. They have lived together for over a year. Justin also works for GoDaddy and had Josh's mom as a first-grade teacher

Megan Ruebel

Megan is Josh's younger sister. She is currently a senior at the University of Norther Iowa. 

Brett Hamann

Brett and Josh met at college orientation and became great friends and roommates at college. 


Lauren and Alison were roommates in college. 

Lauren is currently a 5th grade teacher in the

Des Moines area. 

Eva and Dominic Bruns -

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer 

Eva and Dominic are brother and sister. They are the son and daughter of Staci and Wes Bruns.